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Three Weeks of Social Distancing - What COVID-19 Has Taught Us

It has been almost 3 weeks since the state of emergency was declared in Japan. Business is severely affected and the owners are seeking every possible way to survive during financial crisis. Schools and daycares are closed. For me it has been 3 weeks of “lockdown” staying home with kids, just like many others. Ever since, I have become pretty much a full-time stay-at-home mom, homeschooling and nursing kids at home, while juggling with several things that are going on during this unprecedented time.

All this while, I have observed many heartwarming gestures and humane acts of kindness from others everywhere. There are store clerks who continue to work at grocery stores, so people can be supplied with daily essentials. There are garbagemen who collect garbage and trash on time in garbage pickup days just like on any normal days. There are people who started to produce more facial masks to serve those in need. There are volunteers who stand on a street to give away facial masks, contributing to the community they live and love. Difficult and unprecedented challenges that the world is facing reveal the true nature of people and how they respond to the crisis as such. It is so important to recognize and embrace the human kindness to support each other as one in this difficult time. It is essential that each one of us contribute what we can, even small things to help overcome this crisis.

Very often we neglect things and only realize their worth after when they are taken away. We subconsciously take things for granted too often. When things that are taken for granted are no longer available, only then we realize and it is often too late. This COVID-19 crisis has reminded us that it is time to appreciate all the kindness around us. It is time to help and support each other. It is time to be resilient and endure. It is time to adjust to a new “normal” post COVID-19 era that is ahead of us. It is not easy for every one of us, especially those who are suffering and coping with the loss of family members and/or friends. I extend my deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to them. It sure holds challenges for the rest of us, who lost revenue, or main source of income for living. Yet I can but hope that we have something good coming out of this in the post COVID-19 era. With a lesson learnt. #covid19 #coronavirus #publichealth #pharmaceuticals #biopharma #biotech #japan #socialdistancing #crisis

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