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Patientricity offer tailor-made solutions for biopharma companies tapping into the Japanese market.

As your trusted partner, Patientricity provide virtual management consulting services in Japan with both scientific and operational expertise, helping you register and launch your innovative products and build your Japan business successfully on your own terms. 

What Patientricity advise is based on evidence and experience directly working in the industry. With that, you can make well-informed decisions and virtually and successfully manage product launch in Japan without you investing in your own direct organization at an initial stage.

Opportunity Assessment

  • Patient population

  • Market size and growth potential

  • Treatment landscape and trends

  • Competitor analysis

  • KOL & patient insights

  • Key stakeholder mapping

  • Market entry strategy

Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs

  • Regulatory & clinical development road map 

  • PMDA & MHWL interactions

  • Oversight of clinical programs (CRO or vendor management)

  • Pricing & reimbursement strategy

  • Payer insights

  • Patient engagement strategy

Medical Affairs

  • Patient Journey

  • KOL mapping & engagement

  • Data gap analysis and data generation

  • Publication plan

  • Medical Advisory Board

  • Scientific communication platform

  • Compliance and governance


Why choose Patientricity ?

Patient Centric

We are passionate about serving patients and improve the quality of  healthcare. This helps us craft a patient-centric solution to challenges in competitive 



With leadership experiences in pharmaceuticals, we understand what’s critical and matters for your business. We are committed to deliver for your success.

Expert Network

We have an extensive local network of industrial leaders, medical practioners and patients. This positions us uniquely and allows us to  procede our business with a strong sense of purpose.


Integrity and quality are two basic foundations that we value. As professionals we take pride in what we do and strive to meet and go beyond your expectations.

Partial list of completed projects

Competitive intelligence on marketing for epilepsy products in Japan – Global pharma

Advisory for laying out pre-launch medical activities for successful launch in Japan - Global pharma

Market research on acute myelogenous leukemia treatment landscape, competitive analysis and clinical insights in Japan – Global megapharma

Qualitative research (Japanese KOL interviews) for an innovative product for castration resistant prostate cancer – US biotech

Advisory for Medical Affairs roles & responsibilities and organizational structures for product launch in the area of specialty care in Japan – top-tier consulting company

Advisory for pharmacovigilance requirements for FDA/EMA – top-tier consulting company

Advisory for best practices in Medical Information, MSL and Medical Affairs – global consulting company

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